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PNG32bit(RGBA) image file has alpha pixel. The translucent pixel is difficult to edit with other photo editors.
"PNG Alpha Picture Editor" is able to edit alpha channel easily.

+Convert .bmp, .jpg , .png , .gif , tiff to PNG32 format. Import and Export image.
+Copy and Paste "PNG" and "BMP" format.
+Easy to use. Anyone can use this editor.
+Simple GUI. Simple Window. This editor does not have any main menu or tool bar. This editor only have context menu.
I recommend to use this editor instead of Windows Paint software as picture viewer.
+Small exe file size. exe file only. Light weight, 49k byte(for windows).
+Windows registry does not be used. This editor does not have a installer or create a configuration(temporary) file.
+Made in Japan.
+100% free software. No Ad. No malware.


anywhere ,anyone or any scene unlimited


(for Windows10) ver1.1.5.0 byte)

PNG Alpha Picture Editor uses .NET Framework 4.5.2 . The Framework is already included Windows10.

This software is introduced on site.

background yellowbackground green
download alphasample.png(1.12M)

How to use

example1 : save png file
1. Run PNGAlphaPictureEditor.exe
2. Drag and drop a picture file from Windows Explorer to editor window . Window size is changed with mouse wheel.
3. Click left mouse button and drag. Then release.
4. Press 'X' key. The rectangle is filled with alpha.
5. Click right mouse button. Menu is displayed.
6. Select 'file'-'save file' and save to filename.png file.

example2 : free draw with pen
1. Run PNGAlphaPictureEditor.exe
2. Drag and drop a picture file from Windows Explorer to editor window. Window size is changed with mouse wheel.
3. Press 'A' key. Free draw mode start.
4. Move mouse. (no click mouse button). Alpha pixels is drawn. Sometimes, press SPACE key during moving mouse. Alpha line is drawn when key is released.
5. Press Arrow LEFT,RIGHT key (pen width) and UP,DOWN key (alpha %).
6. Press 'A' key. Free draw mode end.

example3 : copy and paste
1. Draw alpha freely as previous samples.
2. Click left mouse button and drag.Then release.
3. Press 'C' key. The image is copied to clipboard.
4. Run windows paint software. And 'Ctrl'+'V' key on paint software. The image is pasted.
In my opinion, If you use "PNG" copy & paste, "PAINT.NET" software is the best.
5. 'Ctrl'+'A' then 'Ctrl'+'C' key on paint software after drawing something.
6. Press 'V' key on 'PNG Alpha Picture Editor'. The image is pasted from clipboard.


*view scale
*pen width
*draw free
*alpha line to
*set/add(subtract) alpha
*anti aliasing
*pen alpha
*draw alpha in range
  rectangle,square(+shift key)
  ellipse,circle(+shift key)
  round rectangle
  blur alpha
  mask image(import grayscale image file)
*select all
*modify form
  rotate (flip)
  scale (press)
  create frame
*modify image
  inverse alpha
  gradation alpha
  fill rgba
*fill alpha
  auto fill alpha (magic tool)
  dot square with pen
*background color
*copy paste
  copy rectangle (range)
  copy image (whole)
  copy image with background (whole)
  copy resize image (view scale)
  paste (whole)
  paste in front (whole)
  paste in back (whole)
  paste in rectangle front (range)
  paste in rectangle back (range)
  paste stretch in rectangle front (range)
  paste stretch in rectangle back (range)
  open file
  save file
  save mask file (export grayscale)
  help web page

Main short cut keys

LEFT RIGHT : pen width
UP DOWN : alpha
A : draw mode ON/OFF
, : alpha set mode during draw mode.
. : alpha add/subtract mode during draw mode
SPACE : draw line alpha during draw mode
C : copy
V : paste
X : fill alpha in range
S : line alpha in range
D : fill alpha in ellipse
[ : blur alpha in range
; : auto fill alpha
0 : undo
- : redo
F5: reload

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